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The legal process can be scary, overwhelming, frightening, stressful, you name it. Educating yourself so you can help your attorney in your case or to prepare to represent yourself is the first step to taking control of your case and making the process a little less stressful. The Know (Before You Go) will provide you information to help you better understand your situation.

Each week one of our attorneys, Jordan, Sarah, or Matthew, will provide information about family law, including child custody or child support, divorce, post-separation support, alimony, equitable distribution, or a separation agreement. We will also provide insight into both domestic violence cases and immigration cases. Employees can learn about FMLA, discrimination, harassment, unemployment benefits, and wage and hour claims. From time to time we may highlight a news story which grabs our attention.

We invite you to follow our blog. We will do our best to provide the information as we want to make sure you know (before you go).

Check back later this week for the first discussion on family law terms including physical custody and how it relates to primary, joint, secondary, and sole custody.