How Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media Affect a Custody Case – Stauff & Gross Law

Social media is everywhere. Some use it to post their every movement of the day. Others use it share their thoughts and opinions. And then there are people who use it to share pictures with friends and families. As social media becomes ever more popular in society, it also works its way into court. Especially family court.

In custody cases, judges must determine what is in the best interests of the child or children. Parents’ postings on social media can give these judges insight into the parents’ ability to care for the child or children, their home environment, the people they associate with, and their thoughts on the other parent. As a result, social media posts are usually very relevant to a custody case.

Social media postings can help a parent or hurt a parent. For example, a posted picture involving drugs and/or alcohol can give the judge the impression that that parent has a drug or alcohol problem that may be affecting the children. While a picture of the parent with the kids at the park can show activities that the parent is doing with the children.

It is best to always think before hitting send, especially on social media as once a post is on the Internet, it can be used against a parent in court. If you would to discuss your individual case, please contact us at 919-576-7550 to schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys at Stauff, Gross & Privette, PLLC.