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I am often asked by clients what they need to do to become a citizen of the United States.  This question has become increasingly common over the last year with the growing uncertainty surrounding immigration issues.  In order to qualify to naturalize as a United States citizen you must meet the following: Be at least […]

Social media is everywhere. Some use it to post their every movement of the day. Others use it share their thoughts and opinions. And then there are people who use it to share pictures with friends and families. As social media becomes ever more popular in society, it also works its way into court. Especially family […]

With tax season coming to an end, many separated or divorced parents probably had to endure the reoccurring dilemma of claiming the children on taxes. As this can potentially be a great tax benefit, it is often a never-ending battle. If parents agree how to address the deduction, the agreement can be in a separation agreement […]

Part of any consultation with an attorney should include a conversation on how much the attorney’s work and time will cost. Some matters can be handled on a flat fee. Other matters are more traditional “billable” work where the attorney charges for their time by the hour. However, clients will frequently ask if the “other […]

You went through the whole process of asking the judge enter a custody order that provided a visitation schedule for the other parent. However, that other parent has gone months opting out of visitation with your child. Now that parent is demanding that visitation take place but you have concerns with allowing it to occur. […]

You have a child custody order that gives the other parent visitation. However, the other parent is not exercising either some or all of the visitation as detailed in the order. What can you do to detail with the frustration and disappointment? The other parent’s lack of consistency in visitation can be disruptive to you […]

The scariest moment any parent can experience is when a Child Protective Service caseworker is knocking on the door. Emotions and thoughts can run the spectrum from “what did I do wrong” to “I am going to lose my kid” to even “how dare this state bureaucrat tell me how to raise my child.” Child […]

If you are involved in a custody case, you have probably heard the phrase “best interests of the child” tossed around. So just what is “best interests of the child?” The phrase is the legal standard for deciding custody cases. This means it is what the judge looks at when deciding who your kids will live with and […]

One of the most common questions that we get as family law attorneys is “how is the judge going to determine who gets the kid(s)…” or a version of that question. While the facts in each case are always different; the answer is always the same.  In North Carolina, the judge, regardless of the case, […]

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