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The scariest moment any parent can experience is when a Child Protective Service caseworker is knocking on the door. Emotions and thoughts can run the spectrum from “what did I do wrong” to “I am going to lose my kid” to even “how dare this state bureaucrat tell me how to raise my child.” Child […]

If you are involved in a custody case, you have probably heard the phrase “best interests of the child” tossed around. So just what is “best interests of the child?” The phrase is the legal standard for deciding custody cases. This means it is what the judge looks at when deciding who your kids will live with and […]

One of the most common questions that we get as family law attorneys is “how is the judge going to determine who gets the kid(s)…” or a version of that question. While the facts in each case are always different; the answer is always the same.  In North Carolina, the judge, regardless of the case, […]

Last week we discussed the various forms of physical custody that can be ordered by a judge in a child custody matter. This week we focus on legal custody and its implications. Legal custody describes who can make major decisions about the children. Major decisions often include where the children will attend daycare, preschool, or […]

The idea of going to court for custody of your children is a stressful thought alone. Combine that with legal terms and questions being thrown at you by the opposing attorney and the judge, and it can become overwhelming. Understanding what these legal terms mean will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect […]

The legal process can be scary, overwhelming, frightening, stressful, you name it. Educating yourself so you can help your attorney in your case or to prepare to represent yourself is the first step to taking control of your case and making the process a little less stressful. The Know (Before You Go) will provide you […]

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