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You probably saw the viral video of the lawyer appearing as a cat that went viral lately so we want to share some “dos and don’ts” of virtual hearings.

Do be on time for calendar call and the start of your hearing if the judge tells you to come back later in the day for your hearing. Even make sure you try logging on early so that you can ensure any technical issues are resolved.

Don’t login to calendar call late as your case may be dismissed if you are not present. If you have issues logging on and your case is in Wake County email your judge’s case coordinator immediately to let them know. More information can be found here:

Do dress like you would if you were appearing in person in court. Even from the waist down. You never know if you may have to stand up.

Don’t wear pajamas or other loungewear on a virtual hearing. Leave those Christmas jammies in the drawer.

Do logon in a quiet place away from other noises or distractions, even if that is your car. The judge wants to hear from you and not your dog or children.

Don’t have the television, radio, or music on in the background or logon in a public place. A court session is not the place for background white noise.

Do present yourself on the virtual hearing as if you were in person in front of the judge. Impressions still matter even in a virtual world.

Don’t display a background that is not appropriate for court or, most importantly, turn on any filters causing you to appear as a cute, fuzzy feline.

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