Wake County Family Court 2/15/2021 Update – Stauff & Gross Law

Much has changed with how Family Court is run in Wake County over the last nine months during COVID restrictions. The biggest change is that the morning calendar is now run remotely by WebEx. The assigned judge will call that day’s cases and then tell attorneys and parties the time and location (either in-person or remote by WebEx) their respective cases will start.


Some cases must take place in-person. Examples include permanent custody matters, trials on property distribution, or hearings to modify orders. The parties can consent to these matters occurring remotely with the approval of the judge. However, domestic violence and contempt matters must be heard in-person. Other issues can happen remotely by WebEx and those include hearings on temporary custody or short motions.


For remote hearings you will need reliable Internet and a device that has a camera and microphone say you can be seen and heard as well as speakers and a screen so you can hear and see what happens. Specific rules also apply to the distribution and use of exhibits for remote WebEx hearings or objecting to WebEx hearings.


This process has evolved and changed several times over the last nine months so it is important to keep up to date on any changes. Contact our office at 919-783-1260 for a consultation to see how these changes affect your case in Family Court. Our office can also assist if your case is in a different county but you should review any specific rules or changes for your specific county on the website for the NC Administrative Office of the Courts. More information can be found here: https://www.nccourts.gov/covid-19

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